M/s Arham Veneer, under the leadership of Mr. Hemant Achha Established since 2006.The firm deals in "Veneer" which refers to thin slices of wood . We are dealing in smoke & natural veneers rich & classic range. Arham Veneer "widest range of veneers- Just right when you want to design with feeling." Arham Veneer is ISO certifed company ISO 9001:2008. Our natural veneers plywood is made of salected A+ grade Natural Veneer face. Our decorative veneers come in spectrum of shades from soft mellow tones to give you that soothing feel to bright stimulating shades that triggers the adrenaline in you. Yes, our decorative veneers and burls do set the tone of your mood but in a way that you would want it to . . . .

  • Exotic & Rare Veneers

    Here is the unique range of veneers. Highlight your dream house with new types of veneer. this veneer range just right when you want to design with filling.
    These is an exceptional range of veneer that set the feeling for interior with a wide range of finishes that excude character and style.

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  • Dezire(Gurjan Veneers)

    It is the complete range of classic, rich and shades which is attracting your mind quickly. these veneers comes with 100% gurjan base, there by making them durable & strong.Dezire venners offers a range of unsurpassed architectural veneers thar bringnew design opportunities to every project. This unique range of woods veneers offers consistent grain and colour.

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  • Natural & Smoke Veneer

    Natural : The natural logs are cut ino fleech, Boiled & steamed. As part of the process further it is sliced and Dreid. Slicing jointed to either book match or slip match. Smoked : These veneers are treated with special treatment through smoke process to make trendy dark shades no matter what kinds of furniture you want. Smoked veneers can give required artistic through to stand out.

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